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Asset Support

Aviation Asset Management & Consultation

An asset transaction can be a lengthy and difficult process. With our extensive network we are a one stop partner for the complete project. In collaboration with our associates, we provide all support you may need including escrow solutions, technical inspections, record review, CAMO services, test, and ferry flights, de- and re-registrations, special flight permits, MRO services, aircraft painting, aviation trust services, financing, insurance, marketing, and title transfer.

Our Core Values

  • We maintain integrity in our work and honesty in the sales we do and asset transaction we manage.

  • We focus on providing the best products and services to help our customers achieving their goals.

  • We strive to build long term relationship with our clients.

Aircraft Hangar


When we purchase aviation assets, we understand that for many owners, selling their current aircraft is a prerequisite to purchasing a new one, we can purchase your aircraft in a timely manner with favorable conditions for both parties.

In your aviation asset search journey, we will assist you in negotiating the purchase of aircraft and aircraft engines that best meet your needs at possible price and terms. Using our expertise and long experience to find assets at a price reflecting your budget.

Sales Assistance

If selling an aviation asset is your target, we will assist you in marketing your asset, use our most effective resources to get your property in the hands of a serious buyer. We help our clients to market their assets to ensure they sale at valuable price and receive appropriate benefits.


We lease an aircraft or engine at best negotiable price to our clients and deliver it to your expectations as when and where you will need it for your operation.


With the experience gained over the years, we have extensive knowledge of aircraft management specifically in MRO services, CAMO services, trust solutions, finance and insurance. We can cater for all your asset management needs.

We will work with you to be able to understand and advice the best options for your aircraft or engine assets.

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