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The one-stop shop for Aviation Spare Parts, Engine Maintenance & Asset Management

From a Highly Experienced Team of Aviation Industry Professionals

The Advantage organization supplies spare parts to airlines, operators, and MRO's worldwide.
Our understanding of the aftermarket regarding new and used parts helps to reduce costs and shorten lead times for the end user. As an approved EASA / FAA Part 145 Engine MRO*, we also have extensive knowledge in shop visit management. We are specialized in field service and also offer technical and asset management support with a range of consultancy services. With our broad technical know-how, we can tailor a solution for your company's needs.

*All engine maintenance & repair services are carried out under our own approvals, EASA SE.145.0147 and FAA 4T8Y227D.

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Spare Parts for the Aviation Industry

Supplying Commercial Aircraft Spare Parts for Airlines Worldwide

We offer a wide range of services with a focus on always going the extra mile for our customers. Our experience and technical knowledge enable us to provide the best and most affordable spare part solutions for the end user.

From our wide network of reliable suppliers and our own warehouses we can supply quality parts with fast delivery time. Our team has quality in focus, committed to provide the best service possible at every step of the process.

Advantage Aviation Services Sweden AB is ASA-100 & FAA AC 00-56 Accredited &

Advantage Aviation Services Inc. is TAC 2000 & FAA AC 00-56 Accredited.


Aviation Spare Parts Covering All Your Requirements

Advantage Aviation Services

Spare Part Solutions, New, Used, Repaired, Overhauled, Surplus

New Parts

We work with all major suppliers and carry our own stock of Boeing, Airbus & McDonnell Douglas parts.

Used Parts

We will cater for all your needs, and source the parts you're looking for, whether if it's new or used parts. All according to your price requirements.

Repaired/Overhauled Parts

We will source the best quality parts at market competitive prices. All repaired & overhauled parts are in line with FAA/EASA guidelines.


We have access to a wide inventory, all priced below manufacturer current prices.

PMA Parts

We will scan our wide network of suppliers to find high quality PMA parts according to your demands at the best possible price point.

Quality in Focus

We meet the requirements of the Aviation Suppliers Association’s Quality System Standard ASA-100 & FAA Advisory Circular 00-56B.

Advantage Aviation Services, Advantage Turbine Services, Advantage Asset Sweden

Get on board

with Advantage

Engine Maintenance Services

Offering Field Services for CFM56, V2500, CF34, PW100, PW4000 and JT8D

Advantage Turbine Services is a EASA & FAA Part 145 Approved Engine MRO specialized in field service. The advantage of obtaining field services on wing or at engine site, compared to sending the entire engine to a repair shop, is that it will significantly reduce the operator's downtime and logistics costs.

With our in-depth technical expertise, long industry experience and flexibility we can help you manage your engine repair projects completely through the repair cycle.

All aircraft engine maintenance MRO services are carried out under our own approvals, EASA SE.145.0147 and FAA 4T8Y227D.

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Borescope Inspection

We can perform an independent borescope inspection, both scheduled or unscheduled.

For example, before/after a lease, or prior to a purchase. We also do damage evaluations.

Top/Bottom Case Repairs

Top/Bottom Case Repairs

The top/bottom high pressure compressor cases are removed so damaged blades, that is not repairable with the blade blending technique, can be replaced.

Blade Blending Tool.png

Borescope Blade Blending

Defects such as notches on compressor blades are repaired on-wing with a borescope blending tool. Damaged material is removed, and the defect is leveled.

LRU Replacement & QEC Installation Build Up

LRU Replacement &
QEC Installation Build Up

We operate in a line maintenance environment. All work is performed as field services to ensure readiness and a short downtime.

Our Capabilities for Engine Types (Rating B1 and B3)

Advantage Turbine Services

Aircraft Engine Maintenance & Repair MRO

CFM International (CFMI)

CFM56 Series / CFM-LEAP

Engine Alliance (EA)


General Electric (GE)

CF34 Series / CF6 Series

International Aero Engines (IAE)

V2500 Series

Pratt and Whitney (PW)

JT8D Series / JT9D Series /
PW100 Series / PW2000 Series / PW4000 Series


BR700 Series

Aviation Asset & Consultancy Services

Acquisition, Inventory, Lease, Sales and Management Support

We provide products and services in purchase, sale, and management of new or used aviation assets. Extensive technical knowledge, marketing skills and ethics as well as our global network of experts in the aviation industry enables us to deliver results under the best conditions.

Spare Parts, Engine Maintenance Services, Asset Management Assistance

Get in touch with us today!

Our Asset & Management Services

Advantage Asset Sweden AB

Asset Acquisition, Sales Assistance, Lease and Management Support


We will help you negotiate the purchase of aircraft and aircraft engines that best meet your needs at reasonable prices and terms.

Sales Assistance

We will assist you in marketing your asset, use our most effective resources to get your asset in the hands of a serious buyer.


We lease aircraft and engines at best negotiable price and deliver it to your expectations as when and where you require it for your operation.


With the experience gained over the years, we have extensive knowledge of aircraft management specifically in MRO services, CAMO services, trust solutions, finance, and insurance.

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