We are an MRO organization and perform maintanence and repair, specialized in the following aircraft engine series:

Aircraft engines we specialize in:

  • CFM International CFM56
  • GE Aviation CF34
  • International Aero Engines V2500
  • Pratt & Whitney JT8D
  • Pratt & Whitney PW100
  • Rolls-Royce BR700

Find more information about these jet engines below:


CFM International CFM56 engine

CFM International CFM56 is a high-bypass turbofan jet engine and is one of the most common engines used on commercial aircrafts today. The CFM56 engine had its first run in 1974 and entered service 1982.
The popularity of the CFM56 is due to its simple and robust construction. The CFM56-series engines have one of the highest reliability and reparability in its class.

Some of the aircrafts that’s powered by CFM56-series engines are the Boeing 737 and Airbus A320-family.


GE Aviation CF34-3 & CF34-8

GE Aviation CF34 is a turbofan jet engine and entered service in 1983. The CF34 engine powers several mid-range business and regional jets. Some of the aircrafts the CF34 is used on are the Bombardier Challenger 601/604/605, Embraer E-jet family and the Comac ARJ21.

The CF34 engine has a respectable reputation to be one of the most environment friendly engine in its class with a high fuel efficiency and low noise.


International Aero Engines V2500

International Aero Engines V2500 is a two-shaft high-bypass turbofan jet engine. It was introduced in 1983 and had its first run 1987 after a collaboration between Pratt & Whitney, Rolls-Royce, Fiat, MTU Aero Engines and Japanese Aero Engine Corporation.
The V2500 engine targets the short and medium transports and powers the Airbus A320-family and the McDonnel Douglas MD-90.

With its advanced technology the V2500 engine is environment friendly and offers a low fuel burn and ease of maintenance.

Pratt & Whitney JT8D

Pratt & Whitney JT8D is a low-bypass turbofan jet engine and was introduced in 1964. It has proven to be a very reliable and durable engine. The up-to-date JT8D engine versions also features a low maintenance cost and meets the current emission and noise regulations.

Some of the aircrafts powered by the JT8D engine are the Boeing 727, Boeing 737-100/-200, McDonnell Douglas DC-9 and McDonnell Douglas MD-80.

PW100Pratt & Whitney PW100

Pratt & Whitney PW100 is a turboprop jet engine with a wide range of application. It’s used by airlines, cargo transportation companies, coastguards and for firefighting purposes. Over 8,000 PW100 engines have been manufactured since its first introduction in 1984.
Because of its exceptional reliability the PW100 engine is a very popular choice for airlines worldwide. It’s also the most common turboprop engine on the regional airline market. 

The PW100 series engines are durable and offers one of the lowest operating costs due to its low consumption and emissions values. This has been proven especially for shorter routes.

BR700Rolls-Royce BR700

Rolls-Royce BR700 is a turbofan jet engine and was designed for long-range business jets. The BR700 series engines have an outstanding performance regarding take-off and climb and lets the aircraft reach cruising altitude quickly. The characteristics of the BR700 series is its low noise and low emission, the best in its class.

The BR710 engine had its first run in 1995 and entered service 1997. This version of the engine powers for example the Gulfstream V, Gulfstream 550 and Bombardier Global Express.

The BR715 engine had its first run in 1997 and entered service 1999. This engine version powers the Boeing 717.

MRO - Maintenance Repair Organization

Aircraft Engine Maintanence & Repair MRO

We are an EASA and FAA part 145 approved engine maintenance organization specialized in field service. All maintenance services are carried out under our own approvals, EASA SE.145.0147 and FAA 4T8Y227D.

Borescope Inspection (GE XL GO)Borescope Inspection Aircraft Engine

We use a borescope inspection camera to capture real-life views of visual defects in engine compartments hard to reach, this without the need of disassembling the entire jet engine.
Mainly we use the General Electric XL Go+ VideoProbe.

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EASA SE.145.0147  EASA SE.145.0147

    FAA 4T8Y227D       FAA 4T8Y227D

     DGCA 145F-999        DGCA 145F-999



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